About Us

After many years of training, racing, and numerous discussions about tri shorts that were terrible, that either chaffed, dug, cut, or were just downright uncomfortable, it was decided we needed to find some comfortable clothing, this made way for the birth of Velo Rose (Est. March 2015).


Velo Rose is passionate about women loving their training and race kits and  It was imperative that we found comfortable female triathlon clothing that also looked good. Clothing that could be used to train and race any distance, either as an age-grouper or elite athlete, pain free. 

Our search found tri shorts that had a seamless chamois, that elimiated chaffing and provided pure bliss for where you needed it. We also found tri tops that stayed put during your  race, no more riding up, no more sewing on velcro or snaps to keep it down.

We also found swimmers that didn't disappear into your nether regions if you were on the tall Side!

We are women, sourcing womens specific clothing, made by women, for women.

Here at Velo Rose, we want you to look good, feel good, race good.

We are an online store, located in the semi rural area of Camden, NSW


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